1. FC Slovácko

Country Czech Republic Czech Republic
City Uherské Hradiště
Founded 2000
Website fcslovacko.cz

The team of 1. FC Slovácko is a Czech football club having their base in Uherske Hradiste. Established on 1st June 2000 by the name of 1. FC Synot, this club was initially conceived through the merger of FC Synot and FC Slovácká Slavia Uherské Hradiště.

The home ground of this team is Městský fotbalový stadion which has a seating capacity of 8,000 spectators. The captain of the team is Vladimir Krejci with Miroslav Soukup being the manager of the team.

Major Achievements

The team of 1. FC Slovacko were the runner up team of Czech Republic Football Cup twice, in 2005 and in 2009. They were also the proud winners of the Czech 2. Liga twice, in 1994-95 and in 1999-2000.

Team Roster

Name Position
Michal Kadlec Czech Republic defender
Pavol Bajza Slovakia goalkeeper
Filip Nguyen Czech Republic goalkeeper
Milan Petržela Czech Republic midfielder

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