The club of 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 is a professional German association football club from Heidenheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. They currently compete in the German Bundesliga.


Founded on 14 August 1846, the home ground of this club is Voith-Arena, which has a seating capacity of 10,000 spectators. The present day team got formed in 2007, due to separation of the football section from parent association, Heidenheimer Sportbund, which is a large sports club with 5,800 members in 27 departments.

Later, on 8th July 1911, a football department got created within the association, becoming an independent side, VfL 1911 Heidenheim on 21st August 1922. In 1936, Schwimmverein 04 Heidenheim, a swimming club joined VfR to form VfL Heidenheim 04. By 1949, post World War II, these two clubs went their separate ways, with the swimmers under their original names and the footballers with the name of VfL Heidenheim 1911.

During this time, on 13th July 1935, TV 1846 Heidenheim, a parent club was joined by SpVgg Heidenheim and later on, by 1. Sportverein 1900 Heidenheim on 3rd April 1937. 1. Sportverein 1900 Heidenheim was known by the name of Athletenklub Hellenstein till 1920, to be TSV 1846 Heidenheim. Post the war; this club got united with Turnerbund Heidenheim 1902.

Country Germany Germany
City Heidenheim, Baden-Wurttemberg
Founded 1946
Ground Voith-Arena
Coach Frank Schmidt

Heidenheimer SB itself got founded through the 1972 merger of VfL Heidenheim and TSB Heidenheim. The origin of this club can be traced back to 14th August 1849 establishment of the gymnastics club, Turngemeinde Heidenheim, which got folded in 1852. However, it was re-constituted under the same name in 1861. This was renamed as Turnverien Heidenheim in 1872.

TB got established on 21st December 1902, and got renamed as Turnerbund Heidenheim by 6th August 1904. This club then merged with Arbeiterturnverein 1904 Heidenheim on 8th March 1919. Similar to other worker’s clubs, TB was known as politically unreliable by the Nazi regime and got dissolved in 1933. However, post the war, it got re-established and on 3rd February 1946, the club joined TSV 1846 Heidenheim to form TSB 1846 Heidenheim.

However, on 2 May 1972 with the merger of VfL and TSB, all these threads got together, with the football players returning to the fold of the original gymnastics club. Both Heidenheimer SB and predecessor VfL Heidenheim played actively in the Amateurliga Wurttemberg (III) from 1963-75 and from 1976-79. Regional cup victories led to the participation of the team in the opening round of the DFB-Pokal in 1975, 1978 and in 1980, before the side changed to lower level competition.

In 2004, this club advanced to the Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg and after a successful season finish in 2008, the club got promoted to the Regionalliga Sud. Having won the Wurttemberg Cup, the club was allowed to participate in the first round of the DFB-Pokal the following season. However, the team lost 0:3 to VfL Wolfsburg. In 2009, the team finished first in the Regionalliga Sud, getting promoted to the 3. Liga.

In the 2022-23 season, Heidenheim won promotion to the Bundesliga after being crowned 2.Bundesliga champions.

Major Achievements

The club of 1. FC Heidenheim won the Wurttemberg Cup in 1965, 2008 and in 2011. They were the champions of the Regionalliga Sud (IV) in 2009. Heidenheim were 2022-23 2.Bundesliga champions.