The Iran national football team represents Iran in international football competitions. This team is controlled by the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, the team is also known by the name of Team Melli and Persian Stars. Ranked fourth in Asia, its place is in 51st place in the world as per the current FIFA World Rankings.

The present head coach of the team is Carlos Queiroz with Javed Nekounam being the captain of the team. So far, most of the caps have been made by Ali Daei with 149 caps. He is also the top scorer of the team with 109 scores.

Country Iran Iran
City Tehrān (Teheran)
Founded 1920
FIFA World Cup

Azadi (freedom) Stadium is the home stadium of this team. This stadium was built in mid 1970s and can manage 100,000 spectators. This entire stadium was filled in 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign in the home match against Japan, a record set in the history. The government however restricts Iranian women from attending the football matches like the ones held in Azadi stadium.

The first match that the team played was in 1941 at an away match held at Afghanistan. Their first FIFA international Iran’s match was held on 28th May 1950 at the away match held at Turkey. Iran team even won the Asian Cup thrice (in 1968, 1972 and in 1976).

Major Highlights

The team won the Asian Cup thrice – 1968, 1972 and in 1976; the Asian Games championship in 197, 1990 and in 1998. They were the runner up of the Asian Games in 1951 and in 1966.

Regional wise, the team were the Champions for four times and runner up once in 2010. They won the ECO Cup thrice, and were runner up twice.

The team won the AFC/OFC Challenge Cup once in 2003 and the LG Cup thrice, in 2001, 2002 (one in Morocco and one in Iran). The team was the runner up team in 1991 of the Afro-Asian Cup of Nations.

Team Roster

Name Position
Mohammad Hossein Kanani Zadegan Iran defender