Grazer AK is a professional Austrian sports club which got founded on 18th August, 1902 by the name of Grazer Athletik-Sport Klub. Based in Graz, Austria, this team is known as one of the most traditional Austrian clubs that was successful in the decade 1995 – 2005 seasons. Other sections of this club include tennis, diving and basketball.

This team arose from a casual connection of local academics around Georg August Wagner, a medical student from Prague, who later became the professor at the Charles University and the Charité in Berlin. Garner organized the first public match in present-day Austria on 18th March 1894, precisely at the Graz municipal park as he was acquainted with football from his hometown. Eight years later, the Grazer Athletic-Sport Club was modeled after the Wiener AC on 72nd birthday of Emperor Francis Joseph.

Country Austria Austria
City Graz
Founded 1902

The home ground of this team at present is the UPC Arena Graz-Liebenau, which has a seating capacity of 16,000 spectators. The present manager of this team is Ales Ceh and the chairman of the team is Benedikt Bittmann. Some of the current squad of this team includes Danijel Brezic, Patrick Durlacher, Roland Kollman and David Fink amongst others. The nickname given to this team includes Die Roten (The reds), Rotjacken (the red-jackets), Die roten Teufel (the red devils) and even Athletiker (Athletics).

Major Highlights

Grazer AK team won the Austrian Championship once in 2004 and were the runner up team of this title in 2003 and in 2005. With right to the Austrian Cup, this team won the title four times, namely in 1981, 2000, 2002 and in 2004. They were the final teams of this title in 1962 and in 1968. Moreover, the team was the finalist team in 2004 of the Austrian Supercup and won this title twice, in 2000 and in 2002.