Kawasaki Frontale

Country Japan Japan
City Kawasaki, Kanagawa Perfecture
Founded 1955
Website frontale.co.jp

Kawasaki Frontale is a J. League Division 1 association football club founded in 1955 as Fujitsu F. C and in 1997; it was again founded with the name, ‘Kawasaki Frontale’. This team is situated in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is to the south of Tokyo. The home stadium of this club is Todoroki Athletics Stadium, situated in Kawasaki central area.

The chairman of the club is Shimpei Takeda and Naoki Soma is the manager of the club. The club was at first founded as Fujitsu football club in 1955 and was one of the many city clubs comprising the Japan Soccer League, including Toshiba, Yomiuri FC and NKK F.C. The first Division JSL was made in 1977, to be relegated to the next season and to return to the top flight in 2000, getting promoted to the rebranded J1.

The club also co-founded the Japanese second tier thrice under three names, JSL Second Division in 1972, as Japan Football League Division 1 in 1992 and as J. League Division 2 in 1999. In 1997, this club became professional and changed its name to Frontale, meaning Frontal in Italian. In 1999, the club joined the second division of the J. League in 1999, becoming the champion of the division. In 2004, they became the champions of J2 and won promotion to J1 for the second time.

In 2006, the club was the runner up in J1, the highest position till date. The next year, the club made tremendous success post attending the AFC Champions League, as the first Japanese club. But Kawasaki lost in the quarter finals, in a penalty shoot-out after two scoreless games against Sephan F. C. However, Kawasaki advanced providing the players for the Japan national football team.

Team Roster

Name Position
Leandro Damiao Brazil forward
Akihiro Ienaga Japan midfielder
Ryota Oshima Japan midfielder
João Felipe Schmidt Urbano Brazil midfielder

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