The Colombia national football team is controlled by the Colombian Football Federation and represents Colombia in international football competitions. A member of the CONMEBOL, it was in 1993 that this team reached the highest rank in FIFA World Rankings with number four during the Colombian football era. Presently, the team is at number 32.

This hosting team of 2001 Copa America were the champions as well and prior to this, they were the runners up to Peru in 1975 Copa America. Known as the strongest and also the most successful teams of the Association football between 1985 and 2001, the team had their memorable match in their historic defeat of Argentina in 1993.

Country Colombia Colombia
City Bogotá D.C.
Founded 1924

However, in recent years, this team has failed to be strong as they were in 1990s, and were unable to get qualified for the FIFA World Cup since 1998. The team has had problems as to living up to the legacy of their older generations that rose to the team’s reputation. This began post corruption in Colombia following the death of Pablo Escobar leading to the murder of defender, Andres Escobar for an own goal at the World Cup in 1994. Post these entire events, most of the star players left which led to the beginning of the destruction of the team reputation and also ending of the golden era for the Colombian Football after the edition of the FIFA World Cup in 1994.

This team is nicknamed as Los Cafeteros (The Coffee Growers) as the place is popular for their coffee production worldwide. The Head coach of the team is Leonel Alvarez, with Mario Yepes being the captain of the team. Most of the caps for this team have been achieved by Carlos Valderrama with 111 caps and the top scorer being 25 by Arnoldo Iguaran. The home stadium of the team is Estadio Metropolitano.

Since the mid 1980s, the team has been a good stronghold fighting the negative stereotypes towards the reputation of the country. This also made the sport popular, making the national team a sign of pride, passion and nationalism for many Colombians worldwide. Thus, Colombia is known for having passionate fan base in both national as well as international games worldwide.