Hasle-Løren Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports club having its roots from the neighborhoods, Hasle and Loren in Oslo. Founded in 1911, the arena of the club is Lorenhallen and is based in Oslo, Norway. The team kit colors are red, white, blue and gold. Moreover, the head coach of this team is Jim Martinsen.

Other than association football, the club even plays cycling, skiing and ice hockey. The men’s football team got promoted to the Norwegian Second Division, in 2010, the division being the third highest tier. Egil Olsen is the famous former coach of this football team. Since 2000, the club has formed cooperation with other clubs like Linderud IL and Arvoll IL, for fielding an umbrella team, Bjerkealliansen on the junior level. However, Hasle-Loren broke out of the alliance in 2008.

Country Norway Norway
City Oslo
Founded 1911

Ironically, some of the best historic moments and achievements were achieved due to ice hockey team of this club.