Berlin Thunder

Country United States United States
City Berlin
Founded 1999
Ground Olympiastadion
Nickname The Thunder

The Berlin Thunder was an American football team that took part in NFL Europe. A majority of the players to play for the team were young Americans assigned to get further game experience as well as coaching. Additionally, the coaching staffs were also mostly allotted by NFL for developmental reasons. The teams comprised of American as well as non-American players. The 2006 squad of the Berlin Thunder comprised of players from countries like Germany, England, Finland, Japan and Mexico.

The Berlin Thunder team was formed as an expansion, after the London Monarchs franchise discontinues the operations, before the 1999 regular season. They have thrice triumphed the World Bowl in 2001, 2002 as well as 2004.The team also qualified for the 2005 World Bowl but marginally lost to the Amsterdam Admirals at a final score of 27-21. The Berlin Thunder recorded its very first tie in history the history of franchise on 1st April 2006 in a game against the Hamburg Sea Devils. At half time the team was trailing 17-0, recovering enormously to tie up the game that lasted overtime. It turned out to be the second tie in the NFL Europe history.

Two quarterbacks from the Berlin Thunder, Rohan Davey in 2004 and also Dave Ragone in 2005, were chosen as Most Valuable Offensive Players of NFL Europe. In 2005, Linebacker Rich Scanlon was selected as NFL Europe Defensive Most Valuable Player. Three Thunder players earned All NFL Europe honors, safety Anthony Floyd and guard Chad Beasley received all league honors for their individual positions and defensive end Christian Mohr from German was also rewarded for defensive all NFL league team in the 2006 season.

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