The Sacramento Mountain Lions> is an American football team that takes part in the United Football League. The team is based in Sacramento, California. The franchise was originally created as the California Redwoods which played its host matches in San Jose and San Francisco. The team now plays the host matches at Hornet Stadium situated in Sacramento, which is also the abode of the famous Sacramento State Hornets. They also practice weekly at local Foothill High School in Sacramento. Dennis Green, the former coach of Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings, is now the general manager and head coach of the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

As the California Redwoods, the team started playing in October 2009. The team was supposed to play all of their host matches at San Francisco‘s AT&T Park In 2009 season. But because of a conflict with the San Francisco Giants, their first UFL match was played in Las Vegas. Lesser number of audiences in San Francisco resulted in shifting one of the Redwoods host matches to San Jose’s Spartan Stadium. In their first season, the team finished on third place with a 2-4 record under the guidance of Dennis Green.

Country United States United States
City Sacramento
Founded 2009

Soon after the 2009 season, League commissioner Michael Huyghue said that the team is likely to shift to San Jose for the next season. However, the league announced in March, 2010, that the team will move to Hornet Stadium in Sacramento for 2010 regular season, as a result of a deal with Sacramento State University that would see the UFL give a fresh synthetic turf for the facility. In April 2010, the League declared that the franchise will now be called as the Sacramento Mountain Lions. Dennis Green replaced Rick Mueller as the general manager of the team. The team emerged victorious its first game in Sacramento by defeating the Florida Tuskers in the regular season in the presence of more than 20,000 spectators.