The West of Scotland Football Club is a Scottish rugby union club from Milngavie who even plays football professionally. Known as the West of Scotland Football Club, they however focus more on rugby than on football. However, this club got founded in 1865 and play their home matches, both football and rugby in Burnbrae, which has a seating capacity of 2500 people.

John Cameron is the president of the team with Keith Robertson being the coach of the team. This club originally based in Partick as an off-shoot of the Cricket Club. After the agreement of the bye laws of the club in 1865, the team played their first game in 1867 against Edinburgh Academicals. This was one of the earliest rugby football matches ever played in the world.

Since 1871, the team has played in red and yellow colored strips. It was in 1952 that the club moved to Burnbrae at Milngavie. As they were an open club, they managed to attract new players. In 2008, they secured their promotion as champions from Premiership Division Two. Other teams, the second XV and third XV teams too won their league matches making 2007-08 season a memorable and a historic season for the club.

Country Scotland Scotland
City Glasgow
Founded 1873