Klubi Sportiv Flamurtari Vlore is an Albanian football club based in Vlore. They currently feature in the Albanian Superliga.

KS Flamurtari Vlore were established on March 23,1923 as “Shoqeria Sportiv Vlore” in an effort to make footbal more organized and popular. Their first football match was against a local team of students called “Shoqeria Sportive Jeronim de Rada”.

Country Albania Albania
City Vlore
Founded 1923
Albanian Superliga

Shoqeria Sportiv Vlore were one of the founding members of the Football Association of Albania and featured in the first Albanian championships. In 1935 the club altered their name to “Shoqata Sportive Ismail Qemali”.

On June 22,1946 the club became “Klubi Sportiv Flamurtari Vlore” and featured in the final of the Albanian championship a number of times between then and 1980. Flamurtari became a big club again in Albania in the 1980s and regularly competed for the championships. They eventually triumphed in their endeavour in 1991.

Flamurtari Vlore have won the Albanian Cup 3 times, in 1985,1988 and 2009.

Klubi Sportiv Flamurtari Vlore play their home matches at the Stadiumi Flamurti that can accommodate 8,500 spectators. They bear the nickname “The Red And Black Feet”.

Team Roster

Name Position
Andi Ribaj Albania forward