PAE Asteras Tripolis is a Greek football club based in the town of Tripoli. They currently feature in the Super League Greece.

Asteras were established in 1931 but after a while became inactive and in 1932 like all football clubs in the town of Tripoli were temporarily dissolved. But during that period a team named “Keramikos” were founded and during 1938 the club reframed Asteras by reuniting the players from that club. Asteras became active again but were soon dissolved like other clubs in the town because of World War II.

After World War II Asteras were reestablished as Neos Asteras which over time became Athlitikos Omilos Tripolis (AOT). The modern day PAE Asteras Tripos were recognized in 1978 and eventually gained promotion to the Super League Greece for the 2007-2008 season.

Country Greece Greece
City Tripoli
Founded 1931

PAE Asteras Tripolis play their home matches at the Asteras Tripolis Stadium that can accommodate 4,000 spectators.