07 Vestur is a Faroese football club based in Sandavagur. They currently feature in the Faroe Islands Premier League.

07 Vestur were established on December 18,1993 as FS Vagar after MB Miovagur and SIF Sandavagur were merged together. Five years later in 1998 SI Sorvagur joined in the merger too. They soon gained promotion to top flight football in Faroe Islands but suffered relegation in 2003 after which FS Vagar pulled themselves out of the merger in 2004.

Country Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
City Sandavagur
Founded 2004

On November 8,2004 the club was refounded as FS Vagar 2004 and then on November 6,2007 they merged with FSVO4 and SI Sorvagur. The new club this formed now assumed the name “07 Vestur”.