FC Vostok is a Kazakhstani football club based in Oskemen. They currently feature in the Kazakhstan Premier League.

FC Vostok were established in 1963 as Vostok. They were rechristened as Vostok Adil in 1997 but once year later altered their name to Vostok. In 1999 they became Vostok Altyn and in 2003 assumed their original name Vostok again.

Country Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
City Oskemen
Founded 1963

FC Vostok were one of the founding members of the Kazakhstan Premier League in 1992 and have since featured in the Kazakhstan top flight always. They finished fifth in the league in 1997 and 1998.

FC Voktok were involved in a match-fixing controversy in 2008.

FC Vostok play their home matches at the Vostok Stadium that can accommodate 12,000 spectators.