FC Arges Pitesti is a Romanian football club based in Pitesti, Arges county. They currently feature in the Romanian top flight, the Liga 1 and were one of the most successful Romanian clubs in the 1970s.

FC Arges Pitesti were established on August 6,1953 as Dinamo Pitesti and started life in the regional championship Pitesti. In 1954 they finished third in this division and in 1955 finished top and consequently qualified for the Division C. Football was soon reoraganized in Romania and Pitesti dound themselves in Division B after a merger with Dinamo Bucharest 3 Militia. Pitesti continued to progress and reached Division A in 1961.

But Pitesti couldn’t sustain their place in the Romanian top flight for a long time and were relegated before long. But they progressed back to the Division A soon. They continued to progress quite well and won the league title in 1972. Seven years later in 1979 they won the league again. But since then to date they have not won the league.

Country Romania Romania
City Pitesti
Founded 1953

FC Arges Pitesti play their home matches at the Nicolae Dobrin that can accommodate 16,500 spectators. They bear the nicknames “The White-Purples” and the “Trivale Squad”.