Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi, commonly known as HJK and internationally as HJK Helsinki, is a Finnish football club based in Helsinki. They currently feature in the Finnish Premier Division and are the biggest and most successful football clubs of Finland, having won the league championships 21 times.

HJK were established in 1907 as “Helsingfors Fotbollsklubb” by Fredrik Wathen. They won the Finnish Championship only four years later in 1912 and continued to win the league at regular intervals, amassing no fewer than 21 league titles. But HJK have not won the league since 2003.

HJK have also won the Finnish Cup ten times and the Finnish League Cup on four occasions. They are also the only Finnish Cup to have played in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League (in the 1998-1999 season).

Country Finland Finland
City Helsinki
Founded 1907
Website www.hjk.fi

HJK play their home matches at the Finnair Stadium that can accommodate 10,770 spectators. They bear the nickname “Klubi (The Club)”.