IFK Mariehamn is a Finnish football club based in Mariehamn. They currently feature in the Finish Premier Division.

IFK Mariehamn were established in 1919 but their football department was formed only in the mid-1930s. Initially the club participated in the local competitions and then until the 1970s they played mainly in divisions three and four of the Finnish league.

In 1975 Mariehamn reached Division 2 and then in 1976 they gained promotion to Division 1. Two seasons later they were relegated and played in Division 2 until the 2000s with a few seasons spent further down in Division 3 as well.

IFK Mariehamn play their home matches at the Wiklof Holding Arena that can accommodate 4000 spectators. They bear the nicknames “Green White” and “The Islanders”.

Country Finland Finland
City Mariehamn
Founded 1919

IFK Mariehamn were promoted to Division 1 in 2003 and the following year they were promoted to the Finnish top flight. In their debut season in 2005 Mariehamn finished twelfth, in 2006 they were fifth and in 2007 they finished 6th. They are still a semi-professional club.