FC Arsenal Kyiv is a Ukrainian football club based in Kiev. They currently feature in the Ukrainian Premier League.

FC Arsenal Kyiv owe their origin to CSKA Kyiv that was established in 1934 in Kharkiv under the name UVO Kharkiv. One year later they were rechristened as BO Kiev.

The club went several name changes after that and eventually in 1994 merged with FC Borysfen Boryspil under the name CSKA-Borysfen Boryspil. In 1996 they split into two teams, CSKA Kyiv and FC Borysfen Boryspil.

Arsenal Kiev play their home matches at the Obolon Stadium that can accommodate 4,300 spectators. They bear the nickname “Cannoneers”.

Country Ukraine Ukraine
City Kyiv
Founded 2001

After the 2001, CSKA Kyiv was bought by the city government and the name of the club was changed to Arsenal Kyiv. But the club struggled financially and was taken over by Ukrainian oligarch Vadym Rabynovich. In January 2009 the club was bought by the Mayoe of Kiev Leonid Chrnovetskyi for 1 Hryvnia from Rabynovich.