Based out of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, comes one of their biggest clubs, Defensor Sporting. Formed in 1913 as Club Atletico Defensor, the team has always had a long line of passionate supporters who have backed the club to the hilt. In 1989, the club merged with Sporting Club Uruguay and changed its name to Defensor Sporting.

Defensor has always been known as a team that has produced great players due to a wonderful youth system. These youth players are then transferred internationally and help fund the club with their transfer fee. The team has won the Primera Division in Uruguay 4 times, in 1976, 1987, 1991 and in 2008. In 1994, they won the Apertura title while in 1997, they won the Clausura. They have won 8 versions of the Liguilla Pre-Libertadores along with 8 Copa Montevideana titles. Two Segunda Division titles from 1950 and 1965 along with the 1978 Liga Mayor, the 1957 Cuadrangular and the 1947 Torneo Honor, Defensor Sporting have been quite successful in their past.

Country Uruguay Uruguay
City Montevideo
Founded 1913

At the international level, Defensor have been a part of the Copa Libertadores 11 times but have only managed a best showing of a quarter-final berth from their 2007 campaign. Their three shots at the Copa Sudamericana also saw a best showing of a quarter-final place whereas they never got past the first round in their two Copa CONMEBOL campaigns.

Luis Cubilla, Gonzalo Vargas, Nicolas Olivera, Dario Silva, and Venancio Ramos are some of the big names to have done their bit for the team.