Sport Boys

Country Peru Peru
City Callao
Founded 1927

Sport Boys Association is a Peruvian football team based out of the city of Callao. A group of young men decided to chase their dreams of playing football at the highest level. On the eve of the country’s Independence Day, the group met to establish the team and Gualberto Lizarraga was appointed the first president of the club. The team started playing with red and yellow striped jerseys.

Sport Boys were daring in their football, both on and off the field of play. They were the first team to introduce cheerleaders into football in Peru. The Estadio Miguel Grau, a 15,000 seater stadium was built to support the home team’s vociferous supporters after the Telmo Carbaio fell short of fulfilling the requirements of the club. The team has won the Primera Division Peruana 6 times and have been silver medalists on 10 occasions. During their stint at the second division, they won the 1989 season of the Segunda Division to climb back up to the top.

At the international level, Sport Boys have qualified for the Copa Libertadores 6 times while they have had only one shot at the Copa CONMEBOL in 1999. The club has been suffering financial instability in 2008 where the club hasn’t managed to pay salaries since March.

Team Roster

Name Position
Mario Gomez Peru defender
Luis Ramirez Peru midfielder
Jean Tragodara Peru midfielder
Eduardo Uribe Peru midfielder

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