Cienciano del Cuzco is a Peruvian football team named after the University of Cisco’s Faculty of Science. The club was established in 1901 and has become a famous club after their victory of River Plate, from Argentina, in the Copa Sudamericana finals in 2003 and Boca Juniors, from Argentina, in the Recopa Sudamericana 2004.

The club’s roots lie in the will of some students from the Faculty of Science who decided to form their own football team. The team was mostly involved in local tournaments and leagues. Its biggest moment came in 1966 when Oscar Ladron was named captain of the national team, the first player from the club to gain such a post. Cienciano del Cuzco were invited by the FPF to be part of a tournament in 1988. The tournament was for the southern region of the country only and Cienciano won the 1991 edition. In 1992, they were in the Primera Division, looking for a major year.

Country Peru Peru
City Cusco
Founded 1901

Their next big achievement came in the 2003 Copa Sudamericana championships when they made it to the finals in their very first showing in the tournament. Against River Plate, in the finals, the teams were locked at 3-3 after the first leg in Buenos Aires. In the second leg, Cienciano won the title by a single goal. This led the way to the 2004 Recopa Sudamericana title clash against Boca Juniors, the second most successful club in the world. The match was tied at 1-1 after full time and Cienciano won the title through a penalty shootout.

Their home stadium is the Estadio Garcilaso de la Vega, in Cusco. The stadium initially had a 22,000 capacity and a running track as well however, changes in the stadium’s infrastructure came about once the team started performing well in International tournaments. The stadium’s capacity was made 42,000 while the running track was removed.