Based out of Matucana, Atletico Minero are a Peruvian Club that have recently been sent to the top-flight. The club was established in 1997 as Union Casapaica Mine. The team was named after the Casapaica mining town but the following season, the team merges with another small Peruvian club, a namesake of Argentine giants, Club Boca Juniors and the resultant team is called Atletico Minero.

A change in management, towards the end of 2004, brought about a distinct change in the style of play in the team. Atletico Minero soon became one of the most popular teams playing breathtaking football. In 2006, a vacancy in the Segunda Division meant that Atletico Minero had a chance to play at the second highest level in the country. However, the FA wanted the team to be from a region where there hadn’t been any teams in the first or the second division. So Atletico Minero promptly changed their home ground to Huancayo for a year. After a year, the team returned to Matucana and came second in the Segunda Division, gaining promotion to the Primera Division after a playoff. They play at the 20,000 capacity Estadio Huancayo, which will be the host during their new season, their second, in the top-flight.

Country Peru Peru
City Matucana
Founded 1997