Atletico Colegiales are a football team that are based out of the city of 4 Mojones in Paraguay. The Zacarias family, a prominent family in the town, were responsible for creating the team in 1977. Originally, the team was called Colegiales or “Students”, which was basically named after their bookstore chain. The team never won the First Division title despite being promoted in 1982 but they have had a lot of good performances in international tournaments that they have been a part of in their time. Juan Desirerio Zacarias has been the team’s coach for 21 years now and under his regime, Colegiales reached the semi-finals of the 1995 Copa CONMEBOL and the 1991 and 2000 Copa Libertadores.

Atletico Colegiales have won the 1990 Torneo Republica and in the leagues, they have the 1982 Second Division title to their name as well as the 1979 Third Division title. The team has never had any world class stars however they have had a number of strong and stable players like Juan Zacarias Ramirez, Lilio Torales, Edgar Denis and Delio Toledo.

Country Paraguay Paraguay
City 4 Mojones
Founded 1977