Club Social y Deportivo Macara

Country Ecuador Ecuador
City Ambato
Founded 1942

A professional football club based in Ambato, Ecuador, Club Social y Deportivo Macara was founded in 1942. Bellavista Stadium is their home stadium, and is shared by their main rivals Club Deportivo Tecnico Universitario. Negro Carpuela, the first President of the club, together with his cargadores, reunited at Terminal Terrestre de Ambato, where they chose the name ‘Macara’, to honor the border city, which made significant contributions in the war against Peru in 1941.

Some of the more prominent players include Christian Jose Botero, Daniel Garrido, Washington Aires and German Leguia amongst many others. The team participated in the Ecuadorian Campeonato Nacional, coached by Roque Raul, but failed to impress. The national players displayed impressive skills, but most foreign players were unable to deliver, with the exception of Matias Gonzales, the defender who went on to score a few goals as well. Soon Raul Urquiza, an Argentinean, came on board as the new coach, and made significant contributions in turning the team around. So much so that Macara stunned fans and players alike with its mind blowing performance at the Olympic Stadium in Ibarra, in 2007, against Imbabura, where the score was 4-1. Both teams were facing relegation and Macara was up against Emelec next, whom they went on to beat 2-0 and thus saved their place in the Primera A for a second year in a row.

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