Club Libertad are a Paraguayan football team based out of the city Asuncion. The team was founded by some young men who got inspiration from a set of people who came to the city on a ship named “Libertad”. These men led a revolution to overthrow the government and to honour them, Juan Mauel Sosa Escalada founded the club and named it Club Libertad.

Within 5 years, Libertad had their first title in the bag. Their status as the third largest team in the country was reaffirmed when they won their tenth title, one more than Club Guarani. One of the more traditional clubs of the country, the team got relegated to the second division in 1998 and shocked the entire Paraguayan football community. It took two years, and a change at the top, to take the club back up to the top-flight and in just another two years, Libertad went on to win the top division title.

Country Paraguay Paraguay
City Asuncion
Founded 1905

Libertad have won 13 league titles in all, including three in a row since 2006. They won the second division title in 2000 while their league wins have given them the opportunity to play in the Copa Libertadores 9 times. However, the team has failed to win anything, semi-final appearances in 1977 and 2006 being their best performances. In the Copa Sudamericana, Libertad reached the quarter-finals in 2003, their best showing in 5 shots at the tournament.

Being one of the top clubs in the country, it came as no surprise that they have had numerous world renowned stars in their line-up including the likes of Paulo Da Silva, Hernan Rodrigo Lopez, Nelson Cuevas, Dante Lopez and Estanislao Struway.