Tottenham Hotspur

Country England England
Home town Tottenham
Founded 1882
Website www.spurs.c...
Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is an English football club who currently feature in the English Premier League. The club is based in north London and became the first club in the 20th century to do the League and FA Cup double when they achieved the glory in the 1960-1961 season.

Tottenham Hotspur play their home matches at White Hart Lane. The club bears the nickname Lilywhites but is most commonly referred to as Spurs.

Tottenham Hotspur foster massive rivalry with north London neighbours Arsenal. The rivalry has been added with some bite after the signing of Sol Campbell by Arsenal from Spurs.

Totteham Hotspur were founded as the Hotspur Football Club in 1882 by grammar school boys from the bible class at All Hallows Church. It is also believed by a fraction of the football community that the name “Hotspur” was associated with SirHenry Percy (Sir Henry Hotspur) from William Shakespeare’s Henry Iv, part 1.

Tottenham won the Southern League title in 1900 and the FA Cup in 1901. Spurs won the FA Cup again in 1921. But from then on, Spurs went on a decline but recovered after the World War II and won their first ever First Division Championship in 1951.

The 1960s were a good season for Spurs as they won the double in 1961, the FA Cup in 1962 and the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1963. They won the League Cup in 1971 and 1972 and the UEFA Cup in 1971-1972.

Spurs won the FA Cup again in the 1980s and the UEFA Cup in 1984 and have been a consistent force in the English Premier League.

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