Club de Deportes Antofagasta are a Chilean football team based out of the city of Antofagasta. Founded in 1966, the club was the result of a merger between two amateur teams, the Union Bellavista and the Portuario Atacama.

Within two years of its establishment, the team won its first major title in the form of the Chilean second division title. In 1974, the club underwent a name change wherein the team was now called Club Regional Antofagasta. Three years later, the team was relegated. In 1979, the club president changed and so did the name and the club got its present day name. The team played in the second division for four more seasons before gaining promotion after beating Lota Schwager by 9 goals to 0.

Country Chile Chile
City Antofagasta
Founded 1966

In 1990, they won their second title, the Apertura championships in the second division. In all, Club de Deportes Antofagasta has spent 21 seasons in top-flight football without much success, while their 22 seasons at the second division have yielded two trophies.

In Gabriel Caballero, Marco Comez, Patricio Galaz and Francisco Valdes, Antofagasta have had some high class players who have served them well in their campaigns over the years.