Palmeiras are one of the big teams based out of Sao Paulo. Founded in 1914, the club’s founding members were four Italians who started the club with the name “Societa Sportiva Palestra Italia”. But post World War II, all Italian names were dropped from Brazilian teams and Palmeiras was the result of a name change. Palmeiras has had a turbulent past where periods of massive success were followed soon after by equally poor performances. In the 60s and 70s, Palmeiras won numerous titles including two Brazilian Championships and even the Copa Libertadores but what followed was a period of drought that lasted 15 long years. A sponsorship deal with Parmalat meant that more money was pumped into the club and the eight year contract renewed Palmeiras and brought them up as the richest club in the country, as well as a major force to reckon with.

Palmeiras holds many distinctions in Brazilian football including the privilege of having qualified in the most number of Copa LIbertadores tournaments - 13. They have reached the final of the Copa Libertadores four times although they just have one winners medal to show for their efforts.

Country Brazil Brazil
City Sao Paulo
Founded 1914

The end of the Parmalat sponsorship in 2000 brought about another barren spell for the club with many seasons of underachievement in the League. This included a relegation to Serie B as well, although they managed to return straight back.


Palmeiras have two international titles to their name in the form of the 1999 Copa Libertadores and the 1998 Mercosur Cup. Besides this, they have 17 other international tournament victories to their name that include the Copa Rio in 1951, the three wins in the Ramon de Carranza in Spain, in 1969, 1974 and 1975, the 1994 Brazil-Italy Cup, the 1995 Naranja Cup in Spain and the Italian Imigration Cup of 1975, amongst others.

At the national level, Palmeiras have won the Serie A title 4 times in 1972, 1973, 1993 and 1994. They have also bagged the 1967 and 1969 editions of the Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa as well as the 1998 Brazilian Cup. Pameiras have won the Rio-Sao Paulo tournament 5 times, and the Rio-Sao Paulo cup four times. They even have a Serie B Championship title to their name from their 2003 campaign.

At the state and regional level, Palmeiras have an enormous 30 state championship titles to their name along with two Campeonato Paulista Extra titles from 1926 and 1938 and 5 trophies from the Taca dos Invictos.

Palmeiras play at the Palestra Italia Stadium, which started off with a capacity of 35,000. Although the capacity was increased in 1990, FIFA regulations have meant that not more than 29,000 people are allowed at one time. The team, however, shifts base to the Morumbi stadium during key clashes and derby games.