Esporte Clube Vitoria are a Brazilian football team from Salvador, in the Bahia state of Brazil. Two brothers, Artur and Artemio Valente founded the club after their studies in England got them in touch with the game. The duo came back and, initially, started Vitoria as a cricket club called Clube de Cricket Victoria. Two years later, the football team also came into existance in a match against some English sailors. A year later, Vitoria played their first professional match against Sao Paulo-Bahia, which they won 2-0.

The team owns a 32,000 seater stadium called the Manoel Barradas.

Country Brazil Brazil
City Salvador
Founded 1899


Esporte Clube Vitoria have won a number of titles including 3 Campeonato do Nordeste (1997, 1999 & 2003) and 24 state championships. In 1992, Vitoria were runner-up in the Serie B while in the very next year, they finished the Serie A season in a similar manner. In 2006, Vitoria gained promotion to the Serie B by finishing second in the 2006 Serie C season and the very next year, they qualified for the top division again. Vitoria have also won the Torneio Maria Quiteria in 1996.

The team has had some excellent players who have duly performed their duties in the way they know best. These players included the likes of Dida, Edilson, Dejan Petkovic, Vampeta and the prolific Bebeto.