Goias Esporte Clube are a well known Brazilian team that plays in the Serie A division of the Brazilian Football league. Based out of the city of Goiania, in the Goias state, Goias Esporte Clube is one of the largest clubs in the Central-West and is the only team that represents the region in the top-flight.

The club was founded at one of the founding members, Lino Barsi’s home. The team has won the state championships 21 times and is now a part of the Clube dos 13 teams, the top-13, in Brazil. Goias have won the Copa Centro-Oeste three times in a row, in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Although Goias made it to the first division for the first time in 1973, it was only in 1999 that they managed to win the Serie B title.

Country Brazil Brazil
City Goiania
Founded 1943

Goais play at the Estadio da Serrinha, a 10,000 seater stadium although the club has another venue at the Estadio Serra Dourada, a 54,000 seater stadium.

The team has had some extremely good performers over the years that include Ze Teodoro, Lucio, Kleber, Ze Carlos and Maraba.