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Team Stats

Results within Serie A
Average goals per game

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FB1 bet 20 credits @ 2.97 on Sassuolo to win against Atalanta BC -

Knight Toad

Knight Toad bet 648 credits @ 3.25 on Sassuolo vs Sampdoria to end in a draw -


FB1 bet 20 credits @ 3.35 on Sassuolo vs Cagliari Calcio to end in a draw -


FB1 bet 20 credits @ 2.59 on Torino FC to win against Sassuolo -

Upcoming Matches

Match Results


Atalanta won a game against Sassuolo (6 - 2) in the Serie A -

AS Roma

AS Roma won a game against Sassuolo (3 - 1) in the Serie A -

2 loves and 0 hates

Torino played a game against Sassuolo that ended in a draw (1 - 1) Serie A -


Sassuolo won a game against Frosinone (2 - 0) in the Serie A -

Team Roster

Name Position
Rogério Oliveira da Silva defender
Andrea Mandelli midfielder
Manuel Locatelli midfielder
Christian Dell'Orco defender
Manuel Ferrini defender
Marcello Sereni forward
Gianmarco Celeste goalkeeper
Giacomo Satalino goalkeeper
Federico Abelli midfielder
Leonardo Marson goalkeeper

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