FC Nuremberg are a German football club based in Nuremberg. They currently feature in the second division of the German league.

FC Nuremberg were established on May 4,1900 by a group of 18 young men who had gathered at a local pub named “Burenhutte”. The club soon started to garner success on the pitch and started dominated football in Germany.

Country Germany Germany
City Nürnberg
Founded 1900
Website www.fcn.de
2. Bundesliga

Nuremberg faded away from the late 1920s onwards although they still managed relative success. After World War II, they were integrated in the Oberliga Sud, which was one of the five top division in West Germany then. They won the title six times until 1963 and won the national championship in 1948.

In 1968 Nuremberg won the Bundesliga for the first time in their history but they suffered relegation from the German top flight the following season. Then followed years of doldrums but eventually they stabilised themselves.

FC Nuremberg play their home matches at the Frankenstadion that can accommodate 47,500 spectators. They bear the nicknames “Der Club”, “Die Legendo” and “Der Altmeister’>

Team Roster

Name Position
Antonio dos Santos Brazil defender
Florian Hübner Germany defender
Christoph Daferner Germany forward
Pascal Köpke Germany forward
Christian Mathenia Germany goalkeeper
Taylan Duman Germany midfielder
Johannes Geis Germany midfielder
Mats Møller Dæhli Norway midfielder