FC Lyn Oslo is a Norwegian football club based in Lyn. They are part of the Ski- og Fotballklubben Lyn and currently feature in the Norwegian Premier League.

FC Lyn Oslo were established in 1896 and enjoyed success in the first half of the 20th century, winning several Cup titles.

In 1964 Lyn won the Norwegian Premier League for the first time in their history and four years later in 1968 they won the Double, winning league and the Cup. They also reached the quarter-final of the European Cup, becoming the first Norwegian team to reach the quarter-finals.

In 1999 Lyn were bought by Norwegian investor Atle Brynestad. One year later they were promoted to the Premier League and have mainted their status as a top flight Norwegian club ever since.

FC Lyn Oslo play their home matches at the Ullevaal Stadion that can hold 25,572 spectators.

Country Norway Norway
City Oslo
Founded 1896

However, soon FC Lyn Oslo were relegated from the Premier League and struggled for the next 20 years. During the 1990s they moved to and fro of the top flight in Norway.