FC Energie Cottbus is a German football club based in Cottbus, in the Lausitz region of Bradenburg. They currently feature in the German Bundesliga.

FC Energie Cottbus were established in 1963 as SC Energie Cottbus which at the time was in East Germany (in fact, it is the only club from East Germany currently playing in the German Bundesliga). In early 1966 they were rechristened as BSG Energie.

Country Germany Germany
City Cottbus
Founded 1966

In 1990 at the time of German re-unification the team was renamed as FC Energie. They quickly started to prosper and earned promotion to the 2. Bundsliga in 1997. They gained promotion to the German Bundesliga in 2000 and managed to play in the top division for three years. They were then relegation from the top flight and initially struggled to bounce back into the Bundesliga and were even at one point relegated to the third tier in German club football.

They returned to the first division at the end of the 2005-2006 season.

Energie Cottbus play their home matches at the Stadion der Freundschaft that has a capacity of 22,450. They bear the nicknames Energie and Die Lausitzer.