Anorthosis Famagusta

Country Cyprus Cyprus
City Anorthosis Famagusta
Founded 1911
Cypriot First Division

Anorthosis Famagusta FC is a Cypriot football club based in Lamaca that currently feature in the Cypriot First Division. They are the reigning Cypriot champions and are one of the biggest clubs of Cyprus, having won the championship 13 times and the Cypriot Cup 10 times.

Anorthosis Famagusta FC were established in Famagusta on January 30,1911 and after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 based themselves in Lamaca. They were busy establishing themselves in the initial years of their formation and then from the 1930s started gathering some honour and success.

Anorthosis Famagusta FC won their first championship in 1950 and won a number of league titles in the subsequent years but league titles dried out from the early 1960s. the club was revived in the mid 1990s and became one of the strongest and most powerful clubs in Cyprus.

Anorthosis Famagusta FC play their home matches at the GSE and Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium that can entertain a crowd of 9,782 spectators.

Some of the club’s major achievements include:-13 Cypriot Championship-10 Cypriot Cup-7 LTV Super Cup

Team Roster

Name Position
Marios Antoniades Cyprus defender
Paulus Arajuuri Finland defender
Jurgen Colin Netherlands defender
Hovhannes Hambardzumyan Armenia defender
Kostakis Artymatas Cyprus midfielder
Andreas Avraam Cyprus midfielder
Lazaros Christodoulopoulos Greece midfielder
Demetris Christofi Cyprus midfielder
João Victor de Albuquerque Bruno Brazil midfielder
Josef Hušbauer Czech Republic midfielder

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