Football Club Partizan, popularly known as FK Partizan, is a Serbian football club based in the city of Belgrade. They currently feature in the Serbian Superliga and are the reigning champions of their nation. FK are one of the two biggest clubs of Serbia.

FK Partizan were established on October 4,1945 as part of the Yugoslav Sports Association and were named after the partisans (who were the communist resistance military formationduring the World War II in erstwhile Yugoslavia).

Country Serbia Serbia
City Belgrade
Founded 1945

They won their first National Championships in 1946-1947 campaign and have won periodically been the champions of their nation. They have been playing regularly in Europe too and played in the UEFA Champions League as recently as the 2003-2004 season.

Among several records that FK Partizan hold, they played in the first match of the European Cup in 1955, became the first Eastern European nation to reach the final of the European Cup (of 1966) and became the first Serbian club to play in the UEFA Champions League.

FK Partizan play their home matches at the Stadion Partizana that can support 32,887 spectators. They bear the nicknames Grobari, Crno-beli and Parni valjak.

Some of the club’s major achievements include:-20 National Championships-10 National Cups