Sprot Club Corinthians Paulista

Country Brazil Brazil
City Sao Paulo
Founded 1910

When one talks about the biggest and most famous Brazilian football clubs, Corinthians is a name that cannot be ignored amongst the all-time great clubs from the country. Based out of Sao Paulo, the club is said to have over 24 million fans across the country, making it the club with the second highest fan following in the country. A group of labourers from various races decided to start a club in Sao Paulo. The group comprised mainly of Portuguese, Italian and Spanish people who aspired to, one day, play against the elite.

Since then, the club has become one of the most successful units in the country, having won the FIFA Club World Cup’s inaugural edition; having been crowned champions of Brazil’s Serie A division 4 times and many more. Corinthians have won the Copa Brasil twice and the Sao Paulo state championships 25 times, not an easy feat considering the level of opposition it faces from other clubs in the region.

Corinthians have played at a number of stadiums beginning from the Campo de Lenheiro, a field who’s name referred to the owner of the field. The name meant “Wood Seller’s Field”, appropriate enough to describe the owner of the patch of land. In 1918, the players and fans built a stadium that lasted them 9 years. It was known as the Estadio do Bom Retiro. In 1928, the chairman of the club decided to purchase a piece of land and create a stadium that would last the team a long time until a few years back, after which the team shifted to the Estadio do Pacaembu, the second largest stadium in the city. Since the stadium belongs to the muncipality of Sao Paulo, many requests for funds have been made to various sources to build a brand new stadium for the team. The team practices on what is called an Xtreme Turf pitch, the first ever artificial turf pitch to be certified by FIFA.

The Corinthians have had a great history that saw many incredible players ply their trade at the club. They included:

* Gylmar dos Santos Neves* Rivelino* Sócrates* Ronaldo* Rivaldo* Vampeta* Luizão* Dida* Carlos Tévez* Garrincha* Dunga* Branco* Deco* Edmundo* Marcos Senna* César Sampaio* Javier Mascherano

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