Clube Atletico Bragantino

Country Brazil Brazil
City Braganca Paulista
Founded 1928

Atletico Bragantino is a football team based out of the city of Braganca Paulista in Sao Paulo. The Chedid family was influential in the foundation of the club in 1928 with Hafiz Chedid being their first president. His sons have gone on to become presidents since then with Marco Antonio Abi Chedid, Hafiz’s grandson, currently at the helm. The team plays at the Marcelo Stefani Stadium which has a capacity of 16,000 people.

The team slowly rose through the local ranks and made its way up to the first division in the State championships. The club won its first title, a Serie A2 championship, almost 40 years after it started. The team has won numerous titles including the Campeonato Paulista fifth division title in 1979, the Serie A2 title in 1965 and 1988, the State Championship in 1990, the Serie C in 2007 and the Serie B in 1989. In 1991, Atletico Bragantino came second in the Serie A after being beaten by Sao Paulo in the finals. This was followed by two years of unsuccesful campaigns in the Copa CONMEBOL followed by relegation to the Serie B division in 1995. After a poor 2006 season, Atletico Bragantino spent the next season in the Serie C division, winning the title to make their way back up.

Atletico Bragantino has seen many incredible players including Mauro Silva, Gil Baiano, Mazinho and Joao Santos. The team plays at the 16,000 capacity Estadio Marcelo Stefani.

Team Roster

Name Position
Diego Sacomano Brazil defender
Magno da Cruz Brazil midfielder

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