FC Seoul is a Korean football club based in the city of Seoul. They currently feature in the K League and finished 3rd in the league in 2008.

FC Seoul were established originally in December 1983 and played as Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso from 1984. In 1985 they won the Korean league championships and in the beginning of 1990 the club moved to the Dongdaemun Stadium in Seoul. That year they won the K League and in 1991 renamed themselves as LG Cheetahs.

Country South Korea South Korea
City Seoul
Founded 1983

In 1996 the club was forced to move out of Seoul and they moved to Anyang and became the Anyang LG Cheetahs. In 2000 again they won the K League and moved back to Seoul in 2004 and were renamed as FC Seoul.

FC Seoul are currently owned by GS Sports, a part of the GS Group.

FC Seoul play their home matches at the Seoul World Cup Stadium that can accommodate 66,806 spectators.