Paulista Futebol Clube are based out of the Jundiai city in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of the older clubs in the country, founded in 1909. The Sao Paulo railroad company’s employees founded the Jundiahy football club in 1903 but due to financial issues, the club closed down in 1908. Supporters of the club waited a year before setting up the Paulista Futebol Clube, their ticket back to the big leagues.

The team has had many major achievements like its first of two Serie A2 titles it won in 1968. It won the second title in 2001, the year when it won its first Serie C title as well. The team has also won the State Cup in 1999 but its biggest achievement till date has been the Copa do Brasil win in 2005 that allowed Paulista to participate in the 2006 edition of the Copa Libertadores. The team plays in the 15,500 capacity Estadio Jayme Cintra, for its home games. The team has had some incredibly talented footballers in their squad including the likes of Neto, Walter Casagrande and Marcio Mossoro.

Country Brazil Brazil
City Jundiai
Founded 1909