Urawa Red Diamonds is a Japanese football club based in the city of Saitama. They currently feature in the J League and are one of the most supporter sides in Japan, with gate average in 2007 being over 46,000.

Urawa Red Diamonds were established in 1950 by the Mitsubishi Motors company and in 1965 the Japan Soccer League was formed. Mitsubishi won the Japan Soccer League championship in 1969 and were part of the teams that played in the inaugural J League in 1993.

Country Japan Japan
City Saitama
Founded 1950

Urawa Reds were not a major club in the initial years of the J League and even suffered relegation. They have been improving since the turn of the season and won the Nabisco Cup in 2003.

In August 2004 Urawa reds played in the Vodafone Cup at Old Trafford in Manchester and two years later in 2006 won their first and so far only J League title. In 2005 they had finished runners-up in the J League. Urawa also won the Emperor’s Cup in 2005 and 2006 and have garnered huge support in their nation with around 50,000 fans watching them play in the stadiums.

One of the most famous players who started his career at Urawa is Shinji Ono who has also played for Dutch giants Feyenoord. The club has affiliation with German powerhouse Bayern Munich.

Urawa Red Diamonds play their home matches at the Saitama Stadium 2002 that can a capacity of 63,700. Previously they used to play at the 21,500 capacity Urawa Komaba Stadium and moved to the Saitama stadium in 2002.

Urawa Reds are often dubbed as the Nearly Men.

Some of the club’s major achievements include:-4 Japan Soccer League-6 Emperor’s Cup-1 J League-1 J League Cup