Associazione Calcio Siena is an Italian football club based in the city of Siena. They currently feature in the Italian Serie A.

The club was founded in 1904 as Societa Studio e Divertimento (Society for Study and Entertainment) and four years later the football section, Societa Sportiva Robur, was formed.

Country Italy Italy
City Siena
Founded 1904

In the 1933-1994 season the club finally embraced its current name. They were promoted to the Italian Serie B for the first time in their history in the 1934-1935 season.

But they were soon relegated and didn’t reach the Serie B level until the 1999-2000 and played in the Serie A for the first ever time in the Italian Serie A in the 2003-2004 season and have been playing top flight Italian football ever since but they have mostly be embroiled in survival dogfights in the Serie A.

Siena are currently owned by a conglomerate of Tuscan businessmen led by Giovanni Lombardi Strnati, who is the president of the football club A.S. Pescina Valle del Giovenco.

Siena play their home matches at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, which has a capacity of 15,725. The club bears the nicknames Bianconeri (white-and-black striped) and Robur.