Founded in 1914, Club Sportivo Dock Sud was known as the Club Atletico Dock Sud at that time. But soon the original club disbanded, but a few members got back togethor and formed the new club, which has the current name, Sportivo Dock Sud. Currently playing in the fourth tier of the AFA league system, the Primera C Metropolitana, the team was at its peak before professional football made an appearance. At that time they played in the Primera from 1922 till 1926, and their highest achievement was a 3rd place finish in 1924.

After professional football came into the picture, Dock Sud returned in the AFA Amateur league, and played in the top level in 1933-34. They went on to win the Amateur AFA league title, in 1933, but ever since then the clubs fortunes have turned and they have been unable to repeat their winning performance.

Country Argentina Argentina
City Avellaneda
Founded 1914

Some of their titles include, the AFA Championship in 1931, the Primera B in 1938, the Primera Division D in 1984 and Primera B Metropolitana Apertura in 1994. Some of their noteworthy players are Ramon Medina Bello, Carlos Squeo, Luciano Agnolin amongst others.