Harrison Thomas Clarke

Team Arsenal FC Arsenal FC
Position Midfielder
Born Mar 2, 2001
Nationality England England
Team History
Arsenal FC Arsenal 2021 - present

Harrison Thomas Clarke or Harrison Clarke is a professional footballer who is currently competing under Arsenal as a defender. He signed with Arsenal in 2015 as a junior player before signing his professional contract with the club in August of 2018. This contract was renewed in December of the following year.

While playing for Arsenal, Clarke was loaned to Oldham Athletic in October 2020. This loan lasted was supposed to last until January of 2021, but was extended for the remainder of the season. After signing a contract with Oldham in October, he immediately made his debut which resulted in a 1-1 draw against the Carlisle United team. By the first week of November in 2020, he made his first goal which led to his team’s win over Cheltenham.

In addition to playing for Arsenal and Oldham, he also took part in amateur tournaments representing England during his junior years in football. He made his debut in the England U17 on August 20, 2017, at the age of 16 years old. His team was coached by Neil Dewsnip. He made a total of 2 appearances while competing under England U17. His team’s opponents during this time were the teams from Scotland and Italy.

When it comes to playing style, Clarke showcased skills in being a central defender and right back. Many also see that he has a good set of skills as a defensive midfielder. This was observed since he always plays the ball forward while being a midfielder whenever possible. While playing football, he started taking the midfielder position but later was playing as the defender when he signed in with the Arsenal in 2015.

The 5-foot-10-inch Clarke is currently managed by ICM Stellar Sports and has made a total of 4 goals in his entire amateur and professional football career.

Career Statistics:

  • Arsenal U21 Appearances: 3
  • Oldham Athletic Appearance: 35(League:32 and FA Cup:3)
  • Arsenal Goals: none
  • Oldham Athletic Goals:1

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