Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi

Team AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio
Position Midfielder
Born Jan 17, 1985
Nationality France France
Team History
AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio 2006 - present

A professional football player from France, Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi is a midfielder and also the captain at AC Ajaccio. Pierazzi began his playing career at the AC Ajaccio youth academy and was one of the most stable players in the middle of the pitch. His ability to control the game and lead the team was visible from an early stage and when he broke into the first team, in 2006, he was touted to be the next captain at the club.

Once he established himself into the first team, his leadership ability came to the fore at the Corsican club, where he’s been a part of every single team, from the smallest age-group to the top. His knowledge of the club, its workings and its people has been instrumental in Pierazzi being named as the captain of the squad despite having played just about 80 league games for the side, since 2006, and scoring once.

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