Birth date 12 Jan 1990 (29 years)
Nationality Ecuador Ecuador
Team history
Barcelona 2010 - present

Darwin Rivas is a professional football player who is best known for being a relatively new member of Barcelona Sporting Club. Rivas was born on January 12, 1990 in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, and is signed up as Barcelona’s defender.

Rivas had a rich youth career when he was just starting. He came from the Seleccion de Sucumbios for two years, starting in 2006 before he transferred to Caribe Junior in 2009.

Rivas was spotted by some agents over his youth career, and was soon signed by Barcelona Sporting Club’s youth team. There he spent his time preparing for entry into the senior team. Although he may be able to play in the senior team, Rivas is still of age to participate as a member of the youth team as well.So far, since joining Barcelona Sporting Club, Rivas has appeared in 2 games but has not scored yet.