The Tercera Division is the fourth highest level of Spanish football after the Primera Division (La Liga), the Segunda Division and Segunda Division B.

The Tercera Division was founded during the 1929-1030 season and replaced the Segunda Division B. However during the 1977-1978 season, the Segunda Division B in Spain was revived and the Tercera Division became the fourth level in Spain.

Sport Soccer
Country Spain Spain
Founded 1929
Teams 2
Teams promoted / relegated 0

The Tercera Division currently features 364 teams divided in 18 regional groups. Each group is administered by a regional football federation. At the end of the season the first four teams in each group qualify for promotion play-offs to decide which teams are promoted to Segunda División B.

The three teams finishing bottom of each group may be relegated to the Divisiones Regionales de Fútbol. However the number of teams relegated can vary.

From the 2008-09 campaign, the eighteen group winners will have the opportunity to be promoted directly to the Segunda División B. The 18 group winners will be drawn into a two-legged series where the eight winners will be promoted to the Segunda División B. The eight losing clubs enter the playoff round for the last nine promotion spots.

The 18 runners-up will be drawn against one of the seventeen fourth-place clubs outside their group and the 18 third-placed clubs are drawn against one another in a two-legged series. The twenty-seven winners advance with the nine losing clubs from the champions’ series to determine the 18 teams that will enter the last two-legged series for the last nine promotion spots.