Belgian Second Division

Sport: Soccer
Country: Belgium Belgium
Founding year: 1905
Teams: 1
Teams promoted / relegated: 3

The Belgian Second Division, also known as EXQI League, is the second highest division in Belgian football. It comprises of 18 teams.

The Belgian Second Division was founded in 1905 and was initially known as Promotion. There were a number of changes in its format but eventually in 1994 the second division was played between 18 clubs.

The regular season is held between August and May and is divided into three blocks: the first 10 rounds of matches, the next 12 and the final 12. The winner of the overall regular Belgian Second Division season gains promotion to the First Division.

The teams with the best record in each of the three blocks move into the play-offs together with the second-last team in the first division. The play-offs too follow a double round-robin format.

The bottom two teams in the Second Division get relegated to the third division while the top two teams of the third division gain promotion to the second division. The 16th placed team in the Second Division move into the third division playoff with six teams from the third division although it enters the competition only in the second round.

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Team list

  • KSK Beveren
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