Segunda Division B was founded in the 1928-1929 season. It was then made up of 10 teams. It was quickly replaced in the following season by the Tercera Division and was not revived again until 1977.

Creation of Segunda Division RFEF

From 1977 until May 2020, Segunda Division B was the third tier in Spanish football. It dropped down a rung when the RFEF announced the creation of the Primera Division RFEF, which sits at the third tier of the RFEF.

Sport Soccer
Country Spain Spain
Founded 1977
Teams 14
Teams promoted / relegated 4

With the change, Segunda Division B was renamed to Segunda Division RFEF. It is also known as the Segunda B-Segunda RFEF.

Segunda Divisions Placement in the RFEF

Segunda Division RFEF currently holds the fourth spot in the Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol (RFEF) or the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Above it at the Primera Division or La Liga, the Segunda Division, and the Primera Division RFEF, in that order. Behind the Segunda Division RFEF is the Trecera Division RFEF.

Teams from the Segunda Division RFEF are promoted to the Primera Division RFEF. They can also be relegated to the Trecera Division RFEF.


Segunda Division RFEF plays in the Copa del Rey and the Copa Federacion Cups. Those teams who win in the Copa del Rey Cup will move on to play in the UEFA Europa League.

The Copa del Rey, or known locally as La Copa, is a yearly event operated by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Copa Federacion or the Copa Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol is specifically played by teams in the Segunda Division RFEF and the Trecera Division RFEF. Sometimes, team from the Preferente Regional take part.

Eligibility of Players

Each team that plays in the Segunda Division RFEF can have 22 players on their rosters. The limitations that apply to players who are eligible to play include:

  • Up to 16 players who are older than23 years old.
  • At least 10 players who are underprofessional contracts, usually withhigher-tiered teams.


There are 90 teams in the Segunda Division RFEF. This is divided into 5 groups of 18 teams.

Each group will have their playoffs and the champion will immediately be promoted to the next tier up – Primera Division RFEF. Reserve teams, however, can only be promoted to play in the Primer Division RFEF if the senior team is one division above it.

The bottom 5 teams in each group will be relegated to play in the Trecera Division RFEF.