Ligue 1

Sport: Soccer
Country: France France
Founding year: 1932
Teams: 20
Teams promoted / relegated: 3

Ligue 1 is the top division of French and Monegasque football and is an all-professional league and has been so since 1932 (except for the 1943-1944 season).

20 clubs make up the French Ligue 1. These clubs play each other on home-and-away basis. The winner of the league is the team that garners the maximum points in the league. The bottom two teams are automatically relegated to the Ligue 2 while the 18th place team move into a play-off with the winner of the second division play-offs.

Ligue 1 is considered as one of the strongest domestic leagues in Europe although in the last few years the monopoly on the title of Olympique Lyon have been stark. Lyon are the running seven times champions of France and it is likely that this streak would continue in the future.

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